Options and Decisions

It is essential for anyone considering any gynaecological surgery that they seek an experienced and appropriately qualified surgeon for independent professional advice.

Throughout her training Miss Lo has attained a broad range of experience, high level of technical skill, sound clinical judgement, and the ability to critically evaluate and adapt to new surgical techniques.

She believes the best treatment comes from a careful analysis of each patient’s specific needs, planning appropriate surgical techniques and not just offering the same surgery to all patients. Miss Lo believes in a multidisciplinary approach where appropriates and works within a team of specialists and nurses who can provide high level of care for her patients. She operates in hospitals that offer only the highest levels of operating theatres and postoperative medical care.


All consultations take place directly with Miss Lo and she will perform all surgical procedures and undertake any follow-up surgical treatment. Consulting Miss Lo about surgical treatments will include a full discussion of suitability, results, possible complications and expected recovery time afterwards. Miss Lo does not believe that appropriate surgery can be provided by consulting an advisor and meeting the surgeon on the day of operation.  Miss Lo’s team provides the highest standards of surgical, nursing and support care to meet the individual needs of patients, within a relaxed and friendly environment. 

Consultations with Miss Lo will include discussions about your previous medical history, medications you may be taking, allergies, clinical examination and a careful analysis of your concerns, expectations and possible treatment options. For laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgery, photographs are likely to be taken, with your permission, both to help with the analysis for any surgery and as an important medical record. A full quotation of costs will be provided before undergoing any surgical procedure.