Out Patient Hysteroscopy

This is a procedure when a small telescope is used to examine the endometrium [lining of the womb] with local anaesthetic. This means patients can return to normal activity sooner, usually within 24 hours. A biopsy of the endometrium can be taken for further examination if indicated. If a polyp or fibroid is seen within the uterine cavity then it can be removed using a special surgical device.

Indications for Out patient hysteroscopy include:
Abnormal pre-menopausal bleeding
Post-menopausal bleeding
Ultrasound evidence of fibroid or polyp
Removal of foreign body – eg Intrauterine device
Confirmation of abnormal test findings
Abnormal uterine anatomy

Endometrial polyp

Endometrial polypectomy using Myosure

Post polypectomy