Miss Lo was knowledgeable and confident.  I had a lot of questions of which all were answered and I was rest assured with diagrams.  Miss Lo made a connection, which, in my opinion was brilliant and I had no anxiousness at all.  After care was/is fantastic and I feel new and can live life with more confidence and able to have peace after my hysterectomy and repair.  I can not thank you enough.  
Mrs S, BNH 

First can I say how supported and reassured I felt throughout the process.  It was a totally streamlines and caring service.  I had a laparoscopy and cystectomy for endometriosis and now I am recovered I have no discomfort or pain.  I feel more halthy and invigaroted generally.  If I ever had to go through a similar surgery and treatment again.  I would seek out Jenny Lo.  Thank you so much.
Mrs H, MH 

This was such a positive experience for me and I wish that I had seen Miss Lo a year earlier as I would have had my operation done sooner instead of a further year of heavy bleeding.  It was such a relief to now be able to live and work fully instead of losing ten days every month?  Thank you. 
Marina Powell-Cullingford, BNH

Without wishing to seem over dramatic, my fibroid was at a stage where quite frankly my life had stopped, it was to the extent where my job was affected, I had to give up my favorite exercise of swimming and my social life became non-existent.  I was also extremely anemic and generally felt unwell.   After initially seeing miss Lo I felt she really understood the problem and what I was going through.  The operation itself went amazingly well and I was discharged home the same day and back to my normal routine within one week.  The overall outcome of my treatment has been brilliant.  I have my life back – my periods are lighter, regular and I feel great [and have resumed swimming!].  I would definitely recommend Miss Lo – just amazing! 
Ms R, MH

The operation was a great success.  Having put up with the problem for some considerable time.  I had not realized just how uncomfortable I felt.  The keyhole surgery is amazing.  Such a quick recovery.  I will be able to enjoy my family active lifestyle a whole lot more.  Many thanks Miss Lo and all the team at Goring Hall.  
Mrs A, GHH

I was having regular scans for an unidentified mass on my ovary.  To someone with anxiety this was crippling dealing with the unknown.  Miss Lo’s confident and kind approach allowed me to have the procedure and move on  with my life.  Her professional and lovely manner meant I was confident in going ahead.  Thank you.  
Janine Parnell, GHH

Removal of sterilization clip instantly removed pain.  Evident as soon as I came around from surgery.   Sometimes you don’t realize how much pain you have been in until it’s gone.   Watery blood tinged discharge has also cleared.  Thank you so much!   One very grateful patient.  
Mrs C, MH

Due to my condition I was not able to perform my tasks [ nursing] without knowing that I would worsen my condition.  I was nervous at having to have an operation.   All these fears were alleviated.  I am now more confident and really do feel that my life has returned to normal. 
Anon, BNH

I had never had a medical procedure before but I don’t think I would have had better treatment.  At every stage I was kept fully informed and I made a very speedy recovery.  Miss Lo was most reassuring and has straightforward manner and I would recommend her without reservation. 
Mrs M, BNH

I had regularly suffered with severe abdominal pain and bloating and had been treated for IBS.  I eventually arranged a consultation with Miss Lo and since then my ‘quality of life’ has been transformed.  I can not speak highly enough of Miss Lo’s skill and the care I received at GHH from the moment I walked into Reception.  
Mrs T, GHH

After only 8 weeks, I feel 100% better.  I am happily getting used to ‘normal’.  My recovery has been trouble free and very fast,  Miss Lo has always been friendly, professional and happy to take time to talk through the options available to me.  I am delighted with the outcome of my procedure. 
Mrs R, GHH

Since having my operation, I can now comfortably run with the children and walk to and from school without the worry of needing the toilet.  I look forward to progressing on to running. 
Mrs M,  GHH

After my operation I am pain free and feel like I have more energy.  I am excited about my forthcoming holiday pain free. 
Kenya Coxall, BNH 

The pain I had been experiencing for years was so debilitating and now I am pain free.  The change in the quality of my life has been profound.  Thank you so much – you are amazing!! 

The operation has taken away all the pain I was suffering.  I had not realized how much pain I was in and how it was affecting my life and work until I have recovered from the op.  Many thanks to all involved.   
Anon,  GHH 

Very satisfied, Miss Lo was lovely, always listened.  Thank you for all your time and help. 
Kitty McCurdy, GHH

Only a very minor op but would highly recommend Miss Lo – so lovely and made everything very straight forward. 
Mrs S,  GHH

Miss Lo was knowledgable and quick to diagnose – it took less than 2 weeks from consultation to operation to remove the endometriosis.  Within 3 weeks I was pain free and back to normal activities. 
Mrs K Holland, MH

>99% patient would recommend Miss Lo to others who might need a gynaecology operation.

>99% patients are satisfied with Miss Lo treatment outcome.